Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee president Ch. Anil Kumar said that the Congress workers were fully geared up to host the Bharat Jodo Yatra of Shri Rahul Gandhi, which will be held in Delhi on December 24, 2022 and on January 3, 2023, before it moves to Uttar Pradesh. He said that Delhi Congress will spare no effort to ensure that not only the Congress workers, but also the common people joined the rally during the Delhi leg, as there was already tremendous response from the people to join the Yatra.

Addressing the Executive Committee members, office-bearers from the Block and District Congress Committees, besides senior leaders and workers at the DPCC office, Rajiv Bhawan here today, Ch. Anil Kumar said that Shri Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra was unifying the people across the country after divisive politics by the BJP had created unease among the people on communal and casteist lines. He said that   the tremendous response Rahul Ji got from the people throuout the Yatra so far was proof enough that people want to live in peace and co-exist in communal amity. He said that Shri Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra was historic in many ways, as it was not only challenging physically, but also challenging in various other ways, but Rahul Ji continued unperturbed, rain, heat or doc. He said that after walking with Rahul Ji  for a few kilometers, he felt a surge in energy and wanted to go on without tiring, which was the case with all those who have been part of the  Yatra.

AICC In-charge of Delhi Shri Shakti Sinh Gohil said that Shri Rahul Gandhi’s 155-day, 3500-km Bharat Jodi Yatra, which has so far averaged 25 to 30 kms daily, would create a world record, as it was an historic feat, never before attempted by anyone else. He said that the country was fed up with the vote-bank politics of BJP and its minions as their only agenda was to divide the people to make gains in electoral politics while Rahul Ji’s Bharat Jodo Yatra was to mend the broken spirits and sagging morale of the people, due to the suppression of democratic values and the Opposition, who raise its voice when people in power try to crush the voice of reason.

Shri Shakti Singh Gohil said that Congress has a history of fighting back from setbacks, and under the leadership of Smt. Sonia Gandhi, Congress staged a tremendous comeback when a Congress-led UPA Government was in power at Centre for 10 years, and there was a time when Congress was in power in 19 States, yet the party never overelated when it won elections or were disillusioned when it lost power. He said that for Congress, power was a means to serve the people, and the party always maintained its equilibrium when in power or out of it. He said that the party’s ascent to power in Himachal Pradesh, the State of the BJP president, was yet another assertion of the people that they would have to look upto the Congress for good governance, development and progress.