Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee president Ch. Anil Kumar said that 25,000 Congress leaders and workers from block-level upwards from all across Delhi, including eminent persons, have already registered with the Control Room of the DPCC  for Shri Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra, which will enter Delhi from the Badarpur border of Haryana, on December 24, and request for more passes from people from all strata of society was pouring in, as the Yatra has generated tremendous interest among the civil society in Delhi.

Ch. Anil Kumar, along with former DPCC president and Union Minister Shri Ajay Maken, former DPCC president and ex-MP Shri Jai Prakash Agarwal, former DPCC president and ex-Speaker of Delhi Assembly Shri Subhash Chopra, former DPCC president and ex-Delhi Minister Shri Arvinder Singh Lovely, former Delhi Minister and State Coordinator of the Yatra Dr Narendra Nath, Chairman of the DPCC Communications Department and ex-MLA Shri Anil Bhardwaj and senior leader Shri Chattar Singh, today launched a Mobile No 9625777907 and a website for E-passes for those who want to be part of the Yatra, including  Residents Welfare Associations, social organisations, Government and private employees, at a Press Conference at the DPCC office, Rajiv Bhawan here today. He said that the E-pass registration will be open till 12 noon on December 23, 2022. He said that Delhi Congress will give wide publicity to Rahul Ji’s message for the  Yatra through posters, hoardings, wall paintings, FM radio and pamphlets, which will be distributed in every household.

Ch. Anil Kumar said that Shri Rahul Gandhi’s bold initiative to raise the issues of unemployment, price rise, hatred, communalism, divisive politics and autocratic rule to undermine the rule of law, have awakened the consciousness of the people across the country, which was evident from the massive reception the Yatra got throuout its journey, after it set out from Kanyakumari on September 7, 2022 on its 150-day, 3500 km journey. 

Ch. Anil Kumar said that after receiving tremendous response from the Congress workers and civil society, including women and youth, throughout the Bharat Jodo Yatra, people in Delhi were equally enthusiastic to be part of the Yatra, which will enter Delhi from Haryana on December 24 at 6 a.m, and after a break at the Ashram Chowk after covering around 12 kms, will proceed to Red Fort at 1.30 p.m via Nizamuddin, India Gate, ITO,  Gandhi Samadhi at Rajghat before concluding at Red Fort at 4.30 p.m. He said that a bus from every ward of Delhi will take people to the Yatra, and senior leaders will be in charge of the Yatra in every Parliamentary constituency.

Ch. Anil Kumar said that leaders and workers from other political parties will also join the Yatra as everyone was concerned with the disturbing scenario in the country due to price rise, unemployment, undermining the Constitution and judiciary and misuse of Government agencies to scare people. He said that Shri Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra was a loud   protest against the high-handed rule of the Modi Government, without any regard for anything, with a few rich people getting richer and the poor and the middle class getting poorer.

Shri Ajay Maken said that Shri Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra raises issues such as   price rise, unemployment,  politics of hatred,  wide chasm between the rich and the poor,  special consideration for a few rich business groups as he has shown the courage of conviction to stand up and speak against injustice and the  autocratic governance of the Modi Government. He said that people in Delhi were charged up to be part of the Yatra, and thousands will join Rahul Ji on the road.

Shri Jai Prakash Agarwal said that only those who have compassion in their minds will be concerned about the plight of the poor and the common people, and Shri Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodi Yatra was highlighting the issues affecting the common people, and people have welcomed Rahul Ji’s Yatra with open arms, cutting across political and religious dispensations. He said that people were determined to follow the path shown by Shri Rahul Gandhi as he was fighting against injustice, hatred and divisive politics. He said that people in thousands will join the historic Bharat Jodo Yatra in Delhi to make it an event to remember for ever.

Shri Subhash Chopra said that it was a matter of great pride to be associated with Shri Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra, as the Yatra will enter Delhi after covering 108 days. He said that people from a wide spectrum of professions, like doctors, lawyers, NGOs, teachers, environmentalists all want to be part of the Yatra, as Rahul was raising issues affecting the country and the people. He said that people were keen to know about every detail of the Yatra as they want to be part of it during its Delhi leg, as the whole country had done.

Shri Arvinder Singh Lovely said that the whole country was united behind Shri Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra against the dictatorial rule by the Modi Government, which has wrecked the core values of the country to create price rise, unemployment, hatred and conflicts among the people, He said that Rahul Ji’s Yatra has risen above politics to raise the voice of the people, which has awakened the collective consciousness of the people.