After seeing the uplift ment given to tribal community by Honourable prime minister Sri Narendra Modi ji by inspiration chairman of Sundreams digi pvtltd Mr pratap Naidu organised National Tribal Festival in Araku , Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh as Part of Under azadi ka amrit mahotsav 75 yrs celebration of Independence . 

This festival was attended by Smt Renuka Singh ji , Dr M Chuba Ao national Vice President Bjp , Sri Namassivayam Home Minister Puducherry state were attended 

In this festival while Renuka Singh ji addressed she mentioned under leadership of prime minister Govt is working for the uplift ment of 1 .15 lakh tribal villages. As a tribal we have to protect our tribal culture . To remember the sacrifice of 197 tribal freedom fighters across country the birth anniversary of Bhagawan Birsamunda on November 17 declared as Girijan Gaurav Divas ( Tribal Honour Day) is organising by central government. 517 villages are developing as a model villages. Under jal jivan mission drinking water facility is providing for all tribal villages. In state 9 Eklavya schools are constructing . 

In addressing Chuba Ao ji am happy to see all north east states youth are being part of this festival  

In Ap along South Indian states people . I wish this festival should happen across country . Modi ji is the first man who working for national integration. He choose the people for India highest honour who worked with out self interest who are remoted area people . He is the person who selects tribal community people with high honour. 

Namassivayam ji in his adress Modi ji give opportunity to the people who served country sincerely. He chosen Smt Droupadhi Murmu ji as presidential candidate before 75 years of independence who never thought 

Under his leadership our Pondicherry people are getting good schemes for development. 

All guests were grandly received by Dhimsa tribal troop dance .. this programme witnessed by 12 states of tribal people approximately all regions of country North eastern states youth become Center of attraction for this programme. Due to some security issues state police alert Pondicherry home minister for his trip . After all odds he attended the festival and grace the occasion