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Synopsis: Blaming the Kejriwal Government for the incident, Ch. Anil Kumar said, “The disturbing incident of Seemapuri once again proved that the Kejriwal Government cared little for the lives of the poor people. Neither there are enough night shelters for the roofless, nor are the existing ones fit for human life.” 

Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee president Ch. Anil Kumar said that it was very disturbing to learn that four poor persons sleeping on a road divider were killed and two were injured when a speeding truck ran over them in Seemapuri (East Delhi),  which once again proved that the Kejriwal Government cared little for the lives of the poor people. He said that Kejriwal Government’s inhuman attitude towards the poor was evident during the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak when it forced lakhs of migrant workers to leave Delhi following lockdowns as it did not want to shoulder the responsibility of helping and supporting them when they were in dire need of such compassion from the Delhi Government.

Ch. Anil Kumar demanded that the Delhi Government should immediately give adequate financial compensation to the families of the dead, and to the injured.

Ch. Anil Kumar said that Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who makes false claims about the “Delhi Model of Education, Healthcare and Transport” wherever he goes, has done nothing to improve the lot of the poor. He said that if night shelters with proper facilities had been provided to Delhi’s roofless people, the poor would not have been compelled to sleep on road dividers, risking their lives. He said that despite being in power for eight years, the Kejriwal Government has neither taken any steps to allot the flats constructed for the resettlement of those living in JJ clusters nor done anything to improve the facilities in the JJ clusters. He said that the poor people continue to live in miserable conditions in slum clusters, as the Kejriwal Government has not allotted them the in-situ flats constructed at JJ clusters.

Ch. Anil Kumar said that even if a few crores out of the thousands of crores that Kejriwal and his Excise Minister Manish Sisodia had taken in commissions from the liquor mafia been diverted to construct night shelters, the roofless would not have been compelled to sleep in the open. He said that the poor dread using the existing night shelters due to unbearable conditions in them, and the recent revelation that a charitable organization, which used to provide three meals to people using night shelters, has decided to discontinue its service as it was not getting proper financial support from the Delhi Government, has only added to the misery of the shelterless people. He said that Sisodia, who is also involved in the classroom construction scam and installation of WCs in public conveniences, has not cared to improve the miserable condition of the night shelters, though he also holds charge of the  Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board (DUSIB). He said that those who complained against the miserable facilities at the night shelters were thrown out of the facility, instead of addressing their complaints, as Sisodia has been busy taking commissions from the liquor mafia, for which he is facing a CBI probe, and in the construction of public conveniences and classrooms.


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