Keeping in line with the organizational Motto of empowering everyone to use the available resources to their full potential, WICCI Karnataka is organizing a session on Digital Marketing. WICCI leadership felt the need to educate HR professionals to utilize the power of the Internet and to do it right leading to more success.

Digital Marketing covers a plethora of aspects starting from the best way to sending emails to ensure more deliverability to aptly utilizing Social Media for recruitment and lso for Employe Benefits.

Websites are our first gateway to everyone and optimizing the site to ensure users get the information and also showcase what the organization stands for is very important. Building a website is one thing but how to utilize digital marketing to its fullest by ensuring that the site is showing in google search results on top is another.

FREE Seminar for the session and discussion on Digital Marketing Strategies for HR Professionals will help HR professional more insights on how to use Digital Marketing for greater outreach and impact. The speaker for this event is Padmaja S. She comes with more than a decade of experience handling projects and Marketing.

The key takeaways from this session will be the understanding of the law in India on the Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace. The aim is also to understand the Policy for Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace.

Another major point which will be dwelled on is the Importance and Constitution of the Internal Complaints Committee in every organization as well as understanding the rights of both sides.

WICCI is at the forefront of helping women and HR professionals recognize and also take cognizance and utilise the ower of Social Media for everything from Employee Benefits to Recruitment.

Ms. Irene Peter will be the moderator for the event and Ms. Richa Sareen Gupta, president of WICCI Organizational HR council for Karnataka will also be speaking about the importance of Digital Marketing and how everyone in the HR field is to be aware of this.

The complete video after the event will be available at