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Ms Richa Sareen Gupta, who has been in the HR industry for more than a decade and is aware of the intricate details of the Act and how it will be bringing changes to employees and employers will be conducting the two hour webinar cum training session.

WICCI’s Organisational HR Council for Karnataka is conducting a training webinar for the upcoming Code on Wages on 10th July 2021 from 2 PM to 4 PM.

The Code of Wages is an act of the Parliament of India that consolidates the provisions of four labour laws concerning wage and bonus payments and makes universal the provisions for minimum wages and timely payment of wages for all workers in India.

This act will have significant impact on all employers and also on the salaries of employees and is becoming the sought after topic right now as it has widespread implications for each and every employer and employee.

WICCI Organisational HR Council has recognized the need for this and is conducting a webinar to appraise everyone of what this means to themselves. This will be beneficial for all organizations, their HR teams and their employees.

Ms Richa Sareen Gupta, who has been in the HR industry for more than a decade and is aware of the intricate details of the Act and how it will be bringing changes to employees and employers will be conducting the two hour webinar cum training session.

Ms. Anchal Gandhi will be the moderator for the event. The event will be on Zoom and also on Facebook Live. Questions from the audience will be answered after the webinar as well.

WICCI is in the forefront of helping everyone with any changes occurring with an impact on their lives and livelihood and how they can make these changes to work for themselves.

  • Richa  is a professionally qualified HR professional with an MBA from Symbiosis Centre For Management & Human Resource Development (SCMHRD, Pune). Richa is an award winning seasoned HR & Learning specialist with over two decades of experience in various senior HR positions at reputed Indian and Multinational Companies in India.
  •  She has been awarded as  “ Best HR in IT startup” by IHRC and recognised as one of the brightest HR professionals in India.
  • Richa has been conferred with various “Outstanding Women Entrepreneur Award ’s.
  • Richa has helped many startups build their empire, to name few like Armentum, RNS , Lunious Tech etc and has started her own venture, , in 2020, a fast growing HR & Training consulting firm based out of Bangalore. SkillDeck is recognised by Govt of India under DIPP Program for delivering services via Artificial intelligence  to its clients.
  • Richa is a passionate trainer and has successfully designed and conducted many programs on Modern Recruitment, Compensation practices, Leadership , Strategic Management for various prestigious clients.
  • Richa is on the panel of many reputed B Schools and networking forums as a subject matter expert & guest speaker and helping many management colleges to create their curriculum and even providing practical exposure  of the industry  to the students of those colleges.

From last 10 years, Richa has been the active volunteer for various NGO’s supporting Kids and women like HelpAge & Cry

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