New Delhi, June 02 2021 || Harshita Bhatnagar

Slowly taking online class after some time in the lockdown period onwards. Initially Online classes feels better. Finally one comes to to know that this virus is not a blessing to students but a foreshadow of the student’s further life to adjust the Online mode of education.

I being an intermediate student, would like to to share my experiences of student’s life during the locking and unlocking during the Covid-19 Pandemic which start from the end of March last year.  During this Covid time, me being a student, have my advantages along with some disadvantages.

I was initially happy about this virus because there was a lockdown all over India, there were no schools, no colleges had an easy-going life, initially enjoying all the day playing games, watching movies, listening to songs etc.

We were eagerly waiting for the unlocking situation to meet friends and relatives. Still, this desire remains unfulfilled. Things are still not in place to meet friends.

Slowly taking online classes after some time during this lockdown period onwards, I felt that I was not comfortable somewhere or the other with these online classes. Earlier there was a proper schedule for myself and many like me. We had a schedule of going to school, meet and interact with my friends.

There was a specific and organised timetable for school but online classes have destroyed and deprived us of all of this.

We all have become lazy adjusting ourselves to this Online mode of Education. There are not many such advantages for people in Covid- 19.

During Covid there was:

1)Huge loss in businesses, jobs, lives

2)Economy of the country

Online classes affect the eyes of students due to taking long hours classes of schools and tuitions. Lots of poor people do not have access to computers, laptops, cellphones which add to a lot of disadvantages.

I and many students like me hope the government will take adequate actions for the education system. On the other side hoping and praying for the lives of the people struggling in the hospitals. Good health is something we can’t buy.

I wish and pray that everything will be in order and our governance will take measurable and appreciate steps to help us all and bring things in order soon.


Disclaimer:- This story has not been edited by Modern Shrines Publications and is auto-generated from our Students Desk