Delhi, FEB 17 2021|| News Desk

Another woman, resident of  Sadh Nagar, Palam, was harassed by his family, brutally beaten by husband, in-laws and other family members…. but nobody is helping her neither neighbours nor Delhi Police. It is Ironical that the BJP-led government keeps on harping on the Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao, but then NCRB statistics suggest it has not yielded the desired result.

A Women, the resident of Sadh Nagar, Palam, was harassed by her family, brutally beaten by her husband, in-laws and other family members on 16th February.

It is shameful that neither The Delhi Police, The Delhi Government, BJP Sarkar or Delhi Congress or her neighbours are extending her a helping hand.

According to sources this Incidence took place on 16 February when she was badly beaten and tortured badly by family members

In spite of reporting this case with Delhi Police twice there was no one who came to her or to extend her an helping hand.

According to sources, this is due to the pressure from one of the family members Ms Anju Kumar, who is a member of Aam Admi Party and due to this pressure, Delhi Police kept silent and did not attend any complaint.

Is the Delhi Government is not answerable for this? Is Bhavna Gaur aware or this or is she silently extending her support to her supporters?

It is rather shameful that when our Prime Minister and The Governance is proudly harping on Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao, we hear such cases of crime against women across India.

If the Governance can implement when why make such noise.

Nation Wants to Know.


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