Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee president Ch. Anil Kumar said that ever since Arvind Kejriwal became Chief Minister of Delhi, public transport, particularly DTC bus service, has deteriorated to a total mess with the DTC fleet  reduced to a skeletal  3900 buses from the 6300 buses left behind by the Congress Government, as the Kejriwal Government’s focus was not on the development of Delhi and improving public transport, but to indulge in corruption to accumulate ill-gotten wealth, and lead a luxurious life at the tax payers’ cost. He said that Kejriwal was now talking about introducing “premium” bus services through aggregators with facilities such as WiFi, AC, and App-based advance booking, and for this, no bus older than three years will be used. And after 2024, these buses will be converted to electric, with the aggregators deciding on the routes and the fares, with a rider that the scheme has been sent to the Lt. Governor for his “approval”. He said that Kejriwal’s promise to make public transport in Delhi “world class” was yet another of his hollow promises, as he has not fulfilled any of the promises made earlier.

Ch. Anil Kumar said that Kejriwal’s first priority should be to strengthen the DTC fleet, which is the only mode of travel for the common people.

Ch. Anil Kumar said that Delhi being the national Capital, it should have a had world class transport system by now, but with the DTC fleet in a mess, and the Delhi metro overcrowded due to the delay in its expansion projects, the common people find it difficult to commute, and as a result, private vehicles, particularly cars and two-wheelers, have multiplied on Delhi roads, thus exacerbating air pollution in the Capital.

Ch. Anil Kumar said that after the Congress Government introduced low-floor, CNG buses in DTC, it helped eliminate air pollution in Delhi, and with a strengthened DTC fleet, the number of private vehicles was reduced with more and more people using DTC buses and the metro. He said that  after the Kejriwal Government came to power, DTC services were hit very hard due to poor maintenance of DTC buses, non-replacement of old buses. He said that instead of misleading the people with false and unfulfilled promises, Kejriwal should strengthen public transport so that traffic congestion and pollution could be eliminated, and also to facilitate easy commuting for the ordinary people.