Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee President Ch Anil Kumar said that both the Aam Aadami Party and the BJP should bury their differences to pass the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) Budget before March 31, 2023 to avoid a financial crisis in the Civic body.

Ch. Anil Kumar said that even the first session of the House after the Mayoral election could not be completed as AAP went to High Court on the issue of electing the Standing Committee members, which  put the House session in a limbo. He said that before the AAP and BJP get  busy electing a new Mayor, the MCD budget should be passed, otherwise Delhiites would be paying a heavy price for if any constitutional crisis arise in MCD due to unnecessary political upmanship between AAP and BJP.

Ch Anil Kumar wondered why Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who fought the MCD elections on the slogan of “Kejriwal Ka Sarkar, Kejriwal Ki Parshad”, was afraid of the BJP since AAP has majority in the House? He demanded that Kejriwal should ensure that the MCD budget is passed by March 31 to avoid a financial crisis in the Corporation, as otherwise there will be a cascading effect on the governance of the MCD and the payment of salaries of the MCD staff. He said that Delhi has been stinking with garbage pileups everywhere after the new Mayor took charge as removal of waste seems to be her bottom priority and if the sanitation workers go on strike for not getting their wages, the whole of Delhi would become a huge garbage dump.