Delhi Congress held the Haath Se Haath Jodo Abhiyaan of Mehrauli and Badarpur districts, falling under the South Delhi Parliamentary constituency, in the presence of AICC In-charge and former Bihar Minister Dr Madan Mohan Jha, at the Aggarwal Dharmashala, near the Chhatarpur Temple, to spread the message of Shri Rahul Gandhi about his experience, purpose and achievements of the Bharat Jodo Yatra, to the people with door-to-door visits, and get their feed back about their problems and  issues affecting their lives. The Haath Se Haath Jodo Yatra, which started in Delhi on January 26, will continue for over two months to maintain interaction with the people.

Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee president Ch. Anil Kumar had resumed the Haath Se Haath Jodo Abhiyan from the Krishna Nagar District on Tuesday, after the successful completion of Shri Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra from Kanyakumari to Kashmir (Srinagar) from September 7, 2022 to January 30, 2023, covering over 4000 kms, which received overwhelming support from people across the country,  as the Modi Government was not doing anything for the welfare and uplift of the common people, and through its anti-people policies, the common people were being subjected to terrible  hardships with the politics of hatred, unemployment, price rise, dividing people on the basis of caste and religion.

Besides Dr Madan Mohan Jha, prominent others who attended the Mehrauli and Badarpur District meetings of the Haath Se Haath Jodo Abhiyan were Ex MP Ramesh Kumar, Former Delhi Minister Dr. Narender Nath, Ex MLA Pt. Tek Chand Sharma, DCC presidents Shri Rajesh Chauhan and Shri Vishnu Swaroop Aggarwal, DCC coordinator Dheeraj Basoya, Ex MC Anita Chaudhary, MLA candidate Praveen Rana and Pramod Yadav, Prem Singh Sehrawat, BCC presidents Khushi Mohd. Firdosi and D.K.Solanki.


Dr Madan Mohan Jha said that  Shri Rahul Gandhi raised many issues which others were afraid to raise, but affecting the common people, farmers, jobless youth, price rise, disparity in wealth distribution as a few friends of Modi were cornering the assets and wealth of country to leave the common people in the lurch, to leave them in eternal struggle to make a living. He said that the Haath Se Haath Jodo Abhiyaan  was the initiative of the Congress to spread the message of unity and brother, and lend a hand to the people to put the country back on the path of “Swarnim Bharat”, where all Indians would get an equal chance to fulfil their dreams. He said that under the leadership of DPCC president Ch. Anil Kumar, Delhi Congress will hold the Haath Se Haath Jodo Abhiyan in all the Blocks and Districts in the next two months.