The apex body of Indian publishers, The Federation of Indian Publishers’ (FIP) 42nd Annual Awards for Excellence in Book Production 2022 was held today in New Delhi. Directorate of Publications Division won nine awards in various categories for its titles.

DPD won six first prizes in the Categories of – General and Trade Books (English) for ‘Balancing the Wisdom Tree’, General and Trade Books (Hindi) for ‘Bharat Vibhajan Ki Kahani’, Art and Coffee Table Books (Regional Languages) for ‘Courts of India (Marathi)’, Reference Books (English) for ‘India 2022’, Scientific/Technical/Medical Books (Hindi) for ‘Covid-19: Vaishik Mahamari’, and Journals and House Magazines (Hindi) for ‘Kurukshetra’.

One Second Prize in the category of General and Trade Books (Hindi) for ‘Loktantra ke Swar’ and two Third Prizes in the categories of – Children Books (General Interest) (0-10 Years) (Hindi) for ‘Pinushi’ and Journals and House Magazines (Regional Languages) for ‘Ajkal (Urdu)’ was awarded to the Division.

Last year, Publications Division won ten awards for its various publications in different categories. DPD is a repository of books and journals which highlight the subjects of national importance and India’s rich cultural heritage. Established in 1941, Publications Division is a premier publishing house of Government of India offering books and journals in different languages and on diverse themes including history, art, literature, culture, finance, science and sports, Gandhian literature, children’s literature as well as speeches of national leaders and autobiographies of renowned personalities. The Division enjoys credibility among readers and publishers and is well recognized for the authenticity of content as well as reasonable price of its publications.