Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee president Ch. Anil Kumar said that even after the merger of the Municipal Corporations of Delhi by passing the Municipal Corporation (Amendment) Bill 2022 by the Modi Government in Parliament just before the MCD elections were due in April, claiming that the merger would ensure a robust mechanism in the functioning of the MCD and optimal utilization of resources, the MCD has been hiking property tax, parking tax and conversion tax to collect thousands of crore in revenue, and  impose unbearable burden on the traders. He said that this tax hike has forced the traders to think of shifting their businesses to neighbouring States like Uttar Pradesh and Haryana, as running a business in Delhi has become unviable for them.

Ch. Anil Kumar said that due to the wrong policies by the BJP-ruled MCD, the traders find it impossible to run their trades, as price rise and economic ruin due to the Covid-19 devastations and lockdowns, and the new GST regime, has broken their backs. He said that Delhi Congress had always supported the traders, and had vehemently opposed the new GST structure, as traders play a very big role in the development and progress of Delhi. He said that Congress Governments at the Centre and in Delhi would promptly address the complaints and concerns of traders whenever they raised such issues, so as to ensure that businesses flourish, and thereby strengthen the economy of Delhi, which would be beneficial for all. He said that the BJP Government, on the other hand, was trying to ruin the traders, which will be disastrous for the financial health of the Capital.

Ch. Anil Kumar said that the BJP-ruled Central Government and the MCD should address the problems and concerns of the traders instead of putting hurdles in their business activities. He demanded the immediate withdrawal of hike in the property tax, parking tax and conversion charges, for businesses to survive in Delhi. He said that the MCD has collected thousands of crore in the name of property tax, parking tax and conversion charges, but that money has been spent recklessly and in corruption in violation of the rules and regulations, and the assurances given by the Modi Government. He said that the MCD should use its funds for improving the parking and other facilities at markets and shopping complexes, and for cleanliness measures.

Ch. Anil Kumar said that it was a matter of concern that despite the merger of the MCDs, corruption still thrives in the BJP-ruled MCD as its revenue from various sources vanishes at the blink of an eye. He said that  with the Modi Government refusing to  infuse funds to the MCD, as had been promised before the merger of the Corporations, the MCD is passing on its financial burden on the traders and the people. He said that when Congress was in power in Delhi for 15 years, it never allowed the MCD to starve for funds, and stall development works as it was in the interest of Delhi to strengthen the financial condition of the MCD, and help it generate funds to invest in development works. He said that Delhi Congress will stand by the traders in their fight against injustice and seeking tax relief, and will not allow them to shift their business out of the Capital due to the harassment by the MCD.