At the direction of the All India Congress Committee, Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee, under the leadership of DPCC  president Ch. Anil Kumar, held peaceful “Satyagrah”  in all the 70 Assembly constituencies of Delhi against the Modi Government’s destructive move to recruit youth into the Defence services under the Agnipath scheme for just four years, instead of the existing regular recruitment scheme. Delhi Police, at the instance of the Modi Government, however tried to disturb the peaceful Satyaragh of the Congress workers by using force on them, and at many places, Congress workers were prevented from holding the Satyagraha though police had been given prior information about it.

Prominent among those who participated in the Agnipath protest were ex-MP Shri Ramesh Kumar, Chairman of the DPCC Communications Department and ex-MLA Shri Anil Bhardwaj, AICC secretary Tarun Kumar, ex-MLAs  Hari Shankar Gupta, Rajesh Jain, Vijay Singh Lochav and Alka Lamba, all the District and Block Congress Committee presidents, ex-MLAs and Ex Municipal Councillors, office-bearers of various Cells and Departments.

Ch. Anil Kumar said that Congress party had objected to the Agnipath scheme from the very beginning,  as it will neither serve the interest of the defence forces nor address the concerns of the youth, as after four years of service, the “Agniveers”  will be back to square one, as unemployed youth at the prime of their lives. He said that Delhi Congress had held a peaceful protest against the Agnipath scheme at Jantar Mantar on June 20, 2022, and today’s “Satyagrah” across Delhi was a continuation of that, with a large number of youth participating in the peaceful protest.

Ch. Anil Kumar said that it was the democratic right of Opposition political parties to protest against the anti-people, anti-youth policies of the Modi Government, for if such authoritarian policies  are allowed to be implemented without any checks, the country will head to anarchy and unrest. He said that the Modi Government was trying to suppress the sane voice of the Congress, which boldly raises the anti-people policies of the Modi Government, through the police, which was evident at many places where the Congress workers protested peacefully. He said that the Congress workers were not afraid of the arm-twisting tactics of the Modi Government to protect the interest of the country. He said that Congress will continue its protest till the Modi Government rolls back the Agnipath scheme, which will only ruin the future of the young people.

Ch. Anil Kumar said that with the Congress party backing the agitation of the farmers against the anti-farmer black Laws unilaterally passed by the Modi Government to favour its crony Capitalist friends, the Central Government was forced to roll back those black Laws as the farmers and the Congress workers waged a protracted battle, and the Agnipath scheme will be met with a similar fate. He said that the unemployed youth, who were dreaming of a fruit career in the Defence services, have come out in the open against the Agnipath scheme, as their dreams have been cruelly shattered by the Modi Government who seems to have no empathy for the unemployed youth, and the economic distress of the country. He said that lakhs of posts are vacant in the Defence services as the Modi Government has not bothered to fill them. He said that the youth who have been preparing for a regular career in the defence forces, but they have been inflicted a shattering blow by the Modi Government. He said that the Congress party will  back the youth of the country protesting against the Agnipath scheme till it is shelved, and the regular recruitment process in the services resumed.