Wheat procurement under the central pool in Rabi Marketing Season 2022-23 is going smoothly. Upto 26.06.2022, a quantity of 187.86 LMT of wheat has been procured, benefiting about 17.85 Lakh farmers with MSP value of Rs. 37, 852.88 crore.

Wheat Procurement in RMS 2022-23 (upto 26.06.2022)/

As on 27.06.2022

State/UTQuantity of wheat Procured (MTs)No of farmers benefittedMSP value (Rs. In Crore)
  UTTAR PRADESH 33369780709672.40
  MADHYA PRAESH46027965910939274.63
 HIMACHAL PR.293110335.91
  J & K252620.51


Paddy procurement under central pool is progressing smoothly in Kharif Marketing Season (KMS) 2021-22, in various procuring States/ UTs. Upto 26.06.2022, a quantity of 860.82 LMT of Paddy includes Kharif Crop 755.60 LMT and Rabi Crop 105.22 LMT) has been procured, benefiting 125.36 Lakh farmers with MSP value of Rs.1,68,720.89 crore.