Union Home and Cooperation Minister Shri Amit Shah has thanked the Prime Minister Narendra Modi for announcing ‘Agneepath Yojana’ to give a bright future to the youth of the country and an opportunity to serve the nation by joining the Armed Forces.

In a series of tweets, the Union Home Minister said “Shri Modi  has announced the ‘Agneepath Yojana’ to give youth a bright future and an opportunity to serve the Nation by joining the Armed Forces. This will build capabilities and skills in them, as well as strengthen the defense system of the country. I congratulate Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi for this decision.”

Shri Amit Shah said that “‘Agneepath Yojana’ is a revolutionary initiative. In this, youth of 17 and a half years to 21 years will serve the country by joining the Armed Forces for 4 years through a transparent process. On completion of the service period, they will receive a tax free service fund package of Rs.11.71 lakh, which will also make them financially empowered.

Shri Shah said the “Agneepath Yojana” is a wonderful opportunity for the youth to make a golden tomorrow for themselves and the country. This visionary decision of Shri Narendra Modi to make India’s youth self-reliant by empowering them with discipline, skills, fitness and making them financially strong, will lay the foundation of self-reliant India in the true sense.