Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee president Ch. Anil Kumar said that even two days after a major squall uprooted over 200 trees all over Delhi, especially in the New Delhi area, which is the Assembly segment of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, and falls under the BJP-ruled New Delhi Municipal Council, the uprooted trees have not yet been removed, to restore traffic as before. He said that the uprooted trees had created havoc, destroying many vehicles and totally halting road traffic, but the incompetent Arvind Kejriwal Government and the MCD have failed to remove the fallen trees, which is shocking, as it happened at the heart of the power centre in the country.

Ch. Anil Kumar said that the destruction of so many trees in the squall will gravely impact the eco system in Delhi, and contribute to spike in the air pollution, as thousands of trees have already been cut from the Central Delhi area for the Central Vista project, and from elsewhere in Delhi for other construction activity. He said that the Kejriwal Government has not taken effective steps to increase the green cover. He said that ever since the Arvind Kejriwal Government assumed power, Delhi’s green cover has suffered grave depletion, as concreting the footpath, despite a court order, was one of the reasons for the tree falls during rains. He said that the 15-year rule of the Congress had left Delhi green and beautiful, which has been ravaged by the misrule of the BJP and AAP Governments.

Ch, Anil Kumar said that despite rains creating havoc in the past due to water logging on the roads/streets and underpasses, the Arvind Kejriwal Government seemed to have learnt no lessons. He said that the underpass at the Phul Prahladpur bridge remained water-logged even two days after the rains. He said that with Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal mostly on tour in other States, and remote-controlling the Government in Punjab, he has little time to spare for Delhi. As  a result, governance has suffered,  and water-logging in Delhi during rains has become a recurring feature.