On the occasion of Labor Day, Delhi Congress President Chaudhary Anil Kumar said that the labours of India have made India.  The development of any country is impossible without labour.  He said that the occasion of International Labor Day should not be reduced to mere greetings.  This opportunity should be used on the issues related to the workers and the social security they get.  He appealed to stop bulldozer politics, demanding the enactment of an employment guarantee law.  Kejriwal called the BJP government anti-labour.

He said that though the governments should always pay special attention to the workers, the way the inflationary unemployment has increased during the last few years has made the workers unemployed, those who are doing wages do not get a respectable salary allowance.  In the scorching heat, the workers have to stand under open roofs at Labor Chowk.  Due to the pathetic transport conditions, one has to wait for hours, to the extent that there is no bus queue shelter at the bus stop.

Chaudhary Anil Kumar said that the bulldozer politics being done by BJP is a threat to our democracy.  He demanded that the BJP should stop running bulldozers on the employment of poor laborers.

Chaudhary Anil Kumar said that due to the dire form that inflation has assumed, the laborers working in the scorching heat are not able to drink even lemon water.

Describing the anti-worker policies of BJP and Kejriwal government, Chaudhary Anil Kumar said that the BJP government has done the work of making the laborers captive through three labor codes, the trade unions are opposing it.  Kejriwal government announces minimum wage rate, but they do not get it.

Chaudhary Anil Kumar said that due to the decision of lockdown without preparation of Kejriwal government and Modi government, more than 8 lakh laborers left Delhi during the Corona period last year, today the workers are not getting work, they asked Kejriwal government on the occasion of Labor Day.  He reiterated his old demand to run the Urban Employment Guarantee Scheme from

Chaudhary Anil Kumar slammed the Kejriwal government for not registering even half of the 13 lakh construction workers in Delhi and not transferring money to their accounts.