Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee president Ch. Anil Kumar said that the auto-taxi/cab strike today, demanding that the Delhi Government give subsidy for CNG to offset the  price hike of Rs 30-32 per kg  in the past one month imposed by the Modi Government, has caused tremendous inconvenience to the commuters as they were stranded at many places, particularly at railway stations, ISBTs and crowded bus stops, but Chief Minister Arvind was unmoved by the plight of the people, as he had refused to meet the auto-taxi unions before the strike, and also today, to hear their complaints and find an amicable solution to their demands. He said that the auto-taxi/cab unions were not demanding a hike in the auto-taxi fare, as they did not want to put additional burden on the people who use autos and taxis for commuting, but the Arvind Government was determined to pass on the burden to the people, instead of giving subsidy to CNG, and the strike will continue on Tuesday too.

Ch. Anil Kumar said that Delhi CM Arvind, who came to power on the bandwagon of the auto drivers, was ironically not even willing to meet the representatives of the auto-taxi unions now, as he has kicked the ladder that took him to power. Ch. Anil Kumar said that Arvind, who fools and misleads  people with his so-called sympathy for the “Aam Aadmi”, has exposed himself many times over, and his non-concern for the auto-taxi strike, and the difficulty that has caused to the commuters, was yet another example of his dual face, and the vast difference in his words and deeds.

Ch. Anil Kumar demanded that  CM Arvind should meet the auto-taxi union leaders and concede their demand for subsidy in CNG, as his Government has already earned over Rs 25,000 crore in excise duty from petroleum products, and giving subsidy to CNG will not create any dent in the income of the Government.

Modi, Arvind Governments should ensure peace at Jehangirpuri instead of stoking violence

Ch. Anil Kumar also demanded that the BJP and AAP Governments should work for peace at the violence-marred Jehangirpuri area of the Capital, instead of stoking the embers of violence, as none from the Arvind Government has so far visited the violence-hit area to counsel peace. He said that Congress workers have been visiting Jehangirpuri and working to ensure communal amity as people want peaceful coexistence and not violence and destruction.

Ch.Anil Kumar said that the CM Arvind and his Cabinet Ministers had kept themselves away when communal violence rocked North East Delhi in 2020, and they have done the same thing now, by not visiting the Jehangirpuri area to ensure peace and amity. He said that the Government should ensure that no innocent person is punished for the communal clash due to political pressure, and only those who incited violence should be punished.