The Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi continued with his engagements after the inauguration of Baba Vishwanath Dham yesterday in Varanasi where he also performed pujas and took a holy dip in Ganga. Later in the evening the Prime Minister attended Ganga Aarti on Monday.

On Ganga Aarti the Prime Minister tweeted that the Aarti at Kashi always fills the heart with new energy. He said “काशी की गंगा आरती हमेशा अंतर्मन को नई ऊर्जा से भर देती है। आज काशी का बड़ा सपना पूरा होने के बाद दशाश्वमेध घाट पर गंगा आरती में शामिल हुआ और मां गंगा को उनकी कृपा के लिए नमन किया। नमामि गंगे तव पाद पंकजम्।“

The Prime Minister tweeted “Just concluded an extensive meeting in Kashi with @BJP4India Chief Ministers and Deputy Chief Ministers.”

Later the Prime Minister held extensive meeting with Chief Ministers and Deputy Chief Ministers.

The Prime Minister also inspected key development works in Kashi. He said in a tweet

“Inspecting key development works in Kashi. It is our endeavour to create best possible infrastructure for this sacred city.”

The Prime Minister also went to the Railway Station. He said “Next stop…Banaras station. We are working to enhance rail connectivity as well as ensure clean, modern and passenger friendly railway stations.”

His inspection of development projects late at night is as per the Prime Minister’s practice of working with a focus to cause minimum inconvenience to public. He mingled with people who showed great enthusiasm and affection towards the Prime Minister who is their local MP also.