Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee president and ex-MLA Shri Jai Kishan said that it was highly deplorable and objectionable that a  BJP functionary has described ex-MP and a respected Congress leader, Dr Udit Raj, in a disparaging manner, which only reemphasis  the BJP’s still prevalent attitude of treating Dalits as outcasts of the society.

Press Conference at DPCC office

Addressing a press conference at the DPCC office, Rajiv Bhawan here today, Shri Jai Kishan said that the Dalit community strongly condemns BJP functionary Santosh Ranjan Rai’s tweet that  “to make up for the shortage of coal, Udit Raj should be used as fuel”. He said that it was a highly demeaning remark, and an insult to the Dalit community as a whole, which the Dalit organizations and the Congress will make it a country-wide issue. He said that the BJP functionary’s tweet reflected the lowly mindset of the BJP, which has been adopting the divide and rule policy to ruin the country, and divide the people on communal and casteist lines, to create a volatile situation in the country.

Shri Jai Kishan said that the bigotry of the BJP was driving the country to devastation, and under the BJP rule, the lives of Dalits have become unsafe, as Dalit girls and women suffer sexual harassment and assaults regularly with those in power keeping a blind eye, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah saying nothing against the perpetrators of such crimes. He said that Dr Udit Raj entered politics after leaving a high-paying job to not only serve the people, to fight the against the injustices heaped on the Dalit community, but all marginalized sections of people, as the BJP and its handlers RSS, are anti-Dalit, anti-poor, anti-farmer  and if it could malign of a leader like Dr Udit Raj’s stature with such a base tweet, one could only imagine the plight of the ordinary Dalits across the country under the BJP rule.

Shri Jai Kishan said that Dr Udit Raj had been questioning and agitating against the Modi Government’s policy of ending reservation for Dalits, mandated in the Constitution, discrimination of Dalits in promotion etc. and also demanding a Bahujan Lokpal, instead of a Jan Lokpal, and for that he has been body-shamed by the BJP.

Shri Jai Kishan said that Delhi Chief Minister Arvind was the “yes man” of the BJP, and anti-Dalit, who has been acting at the behest of the BJP, to the detriment of the interest of Delhiites. He said that the Ravidas Mandir at the Thughlakhabad area was demolished as it was shown that that the land use was made wrongly. He said that Dalits have been suffering discrimination ever since the Modi and Arvind Governments came to power, as a concerted move had been made by the BJP and the Aam Aadmi Party to suppress the voice and rights of the Dalits.