Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee president Ch. Anil Kumar said that, that Delhi Chief Minister Arvind has a strong antipathy towards the people of Poorvanchal, had yet again been proved right when the Delhi Government  refused permission to hold the Chhat Puja, the most important religious festival of Poorvanchalis, on the Chhat Ghats of Delhi. He said that Chhat Puja has now become a part of the religious calendar of Delhi, as Poorvanchalis are an integral part of the national Capital, and the whole of Delhi considers Chhat Puja as its own.

Press Conference at DPCC office

 Addressing a press conference at the DPCC office, Rajiv Bhawan here today, Ch. Anil Kumar said that people had witnessed CM Arvind’s strong anti-Poorvanchali attitude during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns in 2020 and 2021, when his Government provided no help to the lakhs of Poorvanchalis who fled Delhi on foot to their native villages, when they were rendered jobless and any other source of livelihood, with the Government providing no help, either financially or materially. He said that it was the Congress party, under the leadership of Congress president Smt. Sonia Gandhi and Shri Rahul Gandhi, who looked after the migrant labourers when they were fleeing Delhi to their native villages by arranging transport, accommodation and cooked meals. Others present at the press conference were DPCC vice-president Jaikishan and Shri Durga Pandit.

Ch. Anil Kumar said that CM Arvind was not only anti-Poorvanchalis, but he was also anti-farmer, anti-poor and anti-Dalit, as the Delhi Government has not yet given permission to hold the Maharshi Valmiki Shoba Yatra, held every year without fail, though only a week remains for the event.

Ch. Anil Kumar said that Chief Minister Arvind was trying to divide the Poorvanchalis with this regressive order to ban the Chhat Puja, as he warms up to them only during election time, to get their votes, but at other times, he takes a U-turn. He said that when the Capital was dogged with major problems, including a sharp spike in vector-borne diseases like dengue and malaria, power crisis, and withholding permission to hold the Chhat Puja and the Valmiki Shoba Yatra, Chief Minister Arvind has left for Punjab to do political work, which was an ill-timed, irresponsible act by him. He asked when permission could be given to open liquor shops and movie halls, hold marriages, Ramlila and Durga Puja festivals, why the Chhat Puja has been banned? He said that the Delhi Government can increase the Chhat Ghats and impose strict Covid guidelines while giving permission to hold the Chhat Puja, but banning it was not the answer. He said that CM Arvind and his Minister could celebrate Deepawali at a staggering cost of Rs 6 crore last year, and he could make an open display of the Ganesh Chaturthi Puja this year, but withholds permission for the festivals of other communities.

DPCC vice-president Jaikishan said that Chief Minister Arvind’s anti-Dalit mindset is evident from the fact that permission has been withheld to hold the Maharshi Valmiki Shoba Yatra, an important festival of the Dalits, held every year across the country. He said that an application seeking permission to hold the Shoba Yatra had been submitted by the Maharshi Valmiki Janmotsav Committee to the Delhi Government on September 28, 2021, but CM Arvind has not yet given permission. He said that if the Delhi Government does not give permission to hold the Valmiki Shoba Yatra by October 20, 2021, then the Dalit community will organize the Valmiki Shoba Yatra as scheduled. He said that if permission is not given, the Dalit organizations, along with Congress workers, will come out on the streets to protest.