Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee President Ch. Anil Kumar said that Delhi Chief Minister Arvind has made a six-point deceitful guarantee to the people of ‘Dev Bhoomi’, Uttarakhand,  like he had done with the people of Delhi, whom he betrayed and cheated without fulfilling any of his 10 guarantees made before the 2020 Assembly elections.

Addressing a press conference at the DPCC office, Rajiv Bhawan, here today, Ch. Anil Kumar said that CM Arvind   promised to the people of Uttarakhand that he would provide jobs in six months! He said that Arvind had promised 8 lakh jobs in five years to the youth of Delhi, but after being in power for seven years, just 440 youth got jobs, while 84 per cent jobs in the Employment Department are lying vacant. DPCC vice-president Ms. Shivani Chopra was also present.

Ch. Anil Kumar said that Arvind had also guaranteed  in-situ flats for the JJ cluster dwellers on  “as-is-where-is basis”, but his Minister announced recently that Delhi Government would not give flats to the JJ Clusters, and the in-situ flats constructed by the Congress Government would be put on rent.

Ch. Anil Kumar said that when the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns robbed lakhs of youth of their jobs and livelihoods, Arvind setup a job portal at the expense of crores of rupees, and over 13,27061 lakh job-seekers registered with the portal, but just 0.3% got jobs in the private sector. Ch. Anil Kumar said that when the Covid-19 pandemic devastated people, Congress had demanded that Rs 7000 be paid to the over 13 lakh youth registered with the Government portal for jobs in the private sector blatant lie.

Ch. Anil Kumar said that it was ironic that Arvind has promised to establish an “Employment and Migrant Ministry” in Uttarakhand, though he had done nothing when lakhs of migrant workers walked to their native villages in Bihar, UP and Uttarakhand when they lost jobs and livelihoods during the Covid-19 pandemic crisis, as the Delhi Government left these poor people to fend for themselves. He said it was the Congress which arranged transport and cooked meals to the migrant workforce and others through the “Congress Ki Rasoi”, setup throughout the Capital.

Ch. Anil Kumar said that Arvind’s unfulfilled promises in Delhi were evident from the fact that the National Capital is the most unsafe for women, Delhi has earned the dubious status of the most polluted city in the world, tanker mafia has usurped supply of potable water to the poor as his promise of free 24-hour potable water supply was a charade, crores have gone down the drains in the name of cleaning the Yamuna, and rainy season has become a nightmare for Delhiites, as water-logging and submerging of the streets have become a common occurrence, and vector-borne diseases like dengue, chikungunya and malaria add to the misery of the people. He said that Delhiites face such a miserable existence that after the Covid crisis, 2,40,000 students sought admissions in Government schools as their parents could not afford fees in private schools, due to job loss and loss of income.