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Robin Sharma in his book “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” wrote “if you give a fish to a man, you are arranging his dinner for one day, but if you teach a person how to catch a fish or raise a fish. So, you are teaching him to manage food for life.”

As I am writing this article in continuation to the one, I shared last Sunday, we don’t know how much water has flowed into the rivers. We don’t know how many bodies must have just drained into the Ganges. We also don’t know how many people must have lost their beloved ones. We don’t know how many lives could have been saved, but they are no more now. Most important many have got this life back on their willpower and faith in life.

In such difficult times, it becomes very difficult to keep ourselves positive and also able to write about this, especially when we are in a state of stress and that too when it is Collective.

We are now getting tired, living in despair, sadness, uneasiness and more than that guilt.

During the same week, I have lost a dear friend of mine, he has left a lot of debt on me, which I have not been able to compensate for during his existence. However, as a commitment to him, I am trying to best to fulfil it through my post.

As much as I can give positive thoughts and energy to the society, the burden of that debt will decrease. I would like to share only two lines for my friend.

“Looking for the last page of the book of life,

I remember reading somewhere that all will be well in the end “

Robin Sharma in his book “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” wrote “if you give a fish to a man, you are arranging his dinner for one day, but if you teach a person how to catch a fish or raise a fish. So, you are teaching him to manage food for life.”

If we apply this principle to our lives, we see that if someone has given you positive thinking in difficult times to overcome those difficulties, then that positivity will be with you for a limited time only. if you have imbibed that positive thinking in your life, then it will also shape the lives of others along with you. Sometimes it becomes difficult to see the ray of hope amidst such dark clouds of despair.

In such a situation, our failure is sure to happen, but should we be afraid of today’s failure? This is what was shared by Steve Jobs – chairman, chief executive officer (CEO), and co-founder of Apple Inc. “Today’s failure can only add to the success of tomorrow.” So, don’t be disappointed by today, listen to your heart and be confident.

We have to trust that this incident in our life will bring some good changes in our future life. If you are walking a different way than the prescribed way, then you will be able to do something different and that is the only thing that matters. This change of today will come in front of us tomorrow as an idea.

One – the linking of a link is the assurance of a positive expectation and we have to maintain this expectation throughout our life. One thing that came to mind from life that our life is swinging between “AAH n AHA at this time. Ah, there are only two words! Life and Aha! in life. But how many meanings are changed by the manipulation of just one quantity of words, the same number of letters, the same quantity in both words?

Neither one life is more nor one hour is less. One word denotes fear, fear, evil, anger and the other indicates positivity, happiness, hope and desire. This is the miracle of the power of words. It is very important to recover from such a linguistic transition.

Just as the meaning of life is changing with just one quantity of change, similarly by changing one of the properties of our life or replacing it, our life will also change from ah to aha. This is an experiment, now we have – it’s up to us how successful we are in this. If you want to associate yourself with negativity and if you want, then you can connect with positivity with minor changes.

Besides losing my friend, some friends have won this battle through their confidence and positive thinking. This life has to be taken forward only by remembering the good memories of what has gone and accepting the goodness of what is in the present. It will also be said as a coincidence that tomorrow, 17 May is World Telecommunication Day as well as World Hypertension Day.

Due to the epidemic, where we are forced to remain locked in our homes, our stress and worries are constantly increasing which directly affect our blood pressure and are increasing our blood pressure, due to which our stress graph is also increasing. Is constantly increasing. In the midst of all this, we are in constant contact with our family, with each other because we are connected through communication and technical means and Social Media. How important they are in our lives, at this time, we are seeing and feeling these days. We are still inside the house and are in touch with the world. If you want to increase the distance from high blood pressure, then use communication techniques. Letter now.

There is no medium like letters, that we should write our condolences, our feelings and our happiness and sorrow to others. This work is now being done through phone and message, through this, keep in touch with each other and stay in touch because contact is the best way to keep your stress, your blood pressure under control. This phase is difficult, but it will also pass.

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