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Delhi Congress reiterates its demand that each family should be given a monthly financial assistance of Rs 10,000 as the Covid-19 pandemic has wrecked the lives of the people-Ch. Anil Kumar.. It is really sad and ironical that the Political Parties as asking for Ration Cards when it is still not considered as a valid ID proof. why not distribute to every home. Please follow Kerala Governance.

Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee President Ch. Anil Kumar said that the Delhi Government’s belated announcement to give two-month free ration to ration card holders was too little too late as it will keep out more people than those who benefit. Ch. Anil Kumar said that in this pandemic time Delhi govt. should give free ration irrespective of any document. He said that in Delhi just 72 lakh people have ration cards, more than 54 lakh people application for new ration cards have been pending with the Delhi Government for the past six years.

Ch. Anil Kumar said that last yr. Kejriwal Govt. announced 5,000 rupees assistance to the construction worker but out of registered 5 lakhs worker less than 75 thousands received even after several Highcourt orders and continuous pressure.

He said that Kejriwal should understand the ground reality where millions have lost job, daily wagers have nothing left to feed their family.

He said lakhs of people have been severely affected by the sudden unplanned lockout as the Arvind Government was solely responsible for the sudden spike in the infection of the new varient of the Corona pandemic with the death rate rising exponentially and staying above the 400 mark for the past several days.

Ch. Anil Kumar said that for the past over one year, the Delhi Congress has been demanding that each family should be given a monthly financial assistance of Rs 10,000 as  the pandemic has spared  none, and the ill-advised sudden lockdown shutting down virtually all businesses has ruined  the lives of each and every family in Delhi.

He said that due to the inaction and incompetence of the Arvind Government, Covid medicines, oxygen, testing, beds in hospitals and everything connected with Covid treatment are available only at a premium in the black market, beyond the reach of most people, resulting in thousands of unavoidable casualties.

He said that many Covid deaths could have been averted if the virus-affected had received timely hospital treatment.

 Ch. Anil Kumar said that it is a heart-rending scenes to see people dying on stretchers and in ambulances outside hospitals, and dead bodies being lined up outside cremation and burial grounds waiting for their last rites.

 Ch.Anil Kumar said that the Arvind Government was solely responsible for the situation deteriorating to such pathetic levels. He said that when the Corona cases were ebbing in the Capital, instead of improving the facilities and infrastructure in the hospitals, Chief Minister Arvind visited other states to enlarge his part’s political footfalls rather than addressing the pressing problems in Delhi.

 Ch. Anil Kumar said that despite Delhi getting oxygen supplies from various sources, including from other States and foreign countries, Delhiites were gasping for breath as oxygen was being traded in black market with the blessings of the Delhi Government.

 He said that it was shocking to understand that a pick and choose policy was being adopted in the allotment of Covid vaccines and vaccines when people were perishing in thousands. Ch Anil Kumar appealed to the Lt. Governor to ensure that free ration and Rs 10, 000 per family per month under the Nyay Yojna should be given to all families till the Corona pandemic is brought under control and life returns to normal


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