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From Municipal Corporations to Education. From Birth Certificates to Death Certificates. From Onions to Fuel. From East India Company to BJP. Corruption Prevails. Wake Up India.

It is a well-known fact, that, corruption was visible in our society for decades. While reading historical stories anyone can get signs of corruption by the Big Traders or “Sahukars and “Kotwals” during various civilizations. It was quite evident the rulers were dishonest and levied heavy taxes on their subjects giving them little relief.

Corruption on a mass scale penetrated when India was controlled by the East India Company, the original Corporate Raiders.  The very fact this English company was formed for the exploitation of Trade with East, South Asia especially India. It was started as a monopolistic trading body so that England could participate in the East Indian spice trade.

It was the East India Company that coined the term “civil servant” or “Babus” as they are termed now. The Company’s operations in India were administered with a high level of corruption. Bribes were routinely handed out and officials often stole from the people they ruled.

When India attained independence, literacy was less than 10%. The market was ruined by the British. Economic growth could nowhere be seen. Public institutions were not developed. Schools, colleges and hospitals were still a big dream even for the middle class.

Agriculture existed but was in a primitive state. Industries were in poor condition. Labour laws were even worse. Average life expectancy was hardly 30-35 years. There was a huge difference in sex ratio. Connectivity was not visible. People were distressed. Per capita income as claimed by the famous Socialist leader Ram Manohar Lohia was a meagre 3 anna

Nobody could think of a self-reliant India which Gandhiji used to preach about. This was the India which had to be rebuilt, reformed and redeveloped.

Every common man had a dream that there will be an end to bureaucracy, and we will move forward as a Democratically Self Sufficient, Economically Strong Super Power and no other country will rule us again. However, it is unfortunate or rather shameful that even after 74 years of independence, the country was controlled by corrupt leaders who only believe in “Politics than Policies” for their vested interest.  This is penetrating India like termites hindering the progress of the nation and its people.

There is no doubt, India has made a remarkable progress in every sector since Independence. However the same could have attained many years back. This was only just not possible because few of our these corrupt Politicians or the so cold leaders of our country seeking their own vested interests at the cost of a common man

Today we have seen that even after 74 years of Independence, there are People who are deprived or a Single Meal and potable Drinking water. Forget about Education Shelter, Education and Social Justice. In Short, every Citizen is deprived of their Basic Fundamental Rights.

Democracy is not just about winning elections by making “Hilarious Speeches”, False Promises and Commitments. It’s also not bout using undesirable and insulting language. It’s not about a “Sutradhar” who holds the strings of a Community Function.

The quality of a country’s democracy as we all desire is judged and understood by way leaders manage the Governance establishing policies and continually monitoring the proper implementation of them by the governing body.

Coming to the 21st Century, where countries are competingwith each other on an international platform, India is still struggling and fighting within our own corrupt Political Party System.  

As a common man, today if you have any work in Government departments, it is well known to us, that in most of the cases there is no way out without paying money right from making a Death Certificate to a Death Certificate, from opening a Bank Account or to make your National Identify. You may call it Aadhaar card, Voters ID, PAN Card, Passport, Driving License, or the Newly Introduced “One Nation One Ration Card”

These days when we have little time to spare due to Corporate Targets, Lack of leaves a common man has no option but rather forced to pay to get their work done. This is not efficient and expected Governance we had expected after Independence.

Today, I urge, my citizen of our country to come forward and fight corruption at all levels. For last few years, our Government has assured to end the roots of corruption.. and it is of-course an Asha of Hindustan….but I want to ask what about the corruption in DM offices….DDA…. MCD…NDMC. Government Hospitals….. etc. Let us talk about one department in these issues and We will try to write about all the corrupted departments one by one.

If one has to buy and sale of the property… everyone has to visit Revenue Offices…. and no transaction can be completed without paying extra money to the agents. Everyone shows the lack of time and these agents make this an opportunity and even otherwise also these authorities will give objection in any paper to stop the case. It is also mentioned here, that think about a person who is selling his property in which condition, he/she may be any financial constraints or anything, but how some official can get undue benefitted from him/her.

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