New Delhi, FEB 08 2021|| News Desk

People of Delhi, fed up with the corruption and misrule of the BJP and Aam Aadmi Party, want Congress back in power, as only Congress can deliverable and stable governance—Ch. Anil Kumar.

Delhi Pradesh Committee president Ch. Anil Kumar, along with a large number of Congress workers, accompanied Congress candidate for the Chauhan Banger Ward No 41-E (Seelampur) MCD bye-election, Chaudhary Zubair Ahamad, in a padayatra when he filed his nomination papers today.

Four other Congress candidates, accompanied by Congress workers, also filed their nomination papers. Those who filed their nominations included Shri Bal Kishan (Ward No 2-E, Trilok Puri East (SC)), Shri Dharampal Maurya (Ward No 8-E, Kalyan Puri (SC)),, Smt. Memwati Barwala (Ward No 32-N, Rohini-C) and Smt. Mamta (Ward No 62-N,  Shalimar Bagh North (W)).

Ch. Anil Kumar asserted that Congress will sweep all the five MCD seats in the bye-elections, as people have now realized that only Congress can provide development-driven, people-beneficial governance, which was evident from the Congress party’s excellent track record when it was in power in the MCDS for 5 years and in Delhi Government for 15 years.

He said that the MCDs have ruined the clean and green image of Delhi, as garbage is piling up every, the garbage dumps are overflowing, the drains are not desilted and cleaned, and the plight of MCD hospitals, schools etc are miserable. He said that corruption has seeped to such depths in the MCDs that the people cannot even put a “lander” to construct a room without bribing the BJP Councillors. He said that when Congress was in power in Delhi and the  BJP in the MCDs, then  too the  MCD workers never had to strike work to get their wages.

Ch. Anil Kumar said that people want the Congress back in power, and the bye-election will be a golden opportunity for them to show their faith in the Congress party. He said that Congress has selected experienced and grass-root level candidates, who understand the problems of their respective areas, and have been active in serving the people, even without the trappings of power. He said that Congress’ impressive work culture speaks for itself, and the bye-elections will be a serious warm-up match for the MCD general elections in 2022, in which Congress aims to put up a winning show.

Ch. Anil Kumar said that under the BJP and the Aam Aadmi Party rule in the Municipal Corporations and in Delhi, respectively, the national Capital has slumped to the bottom in every index of good governance, whether it was in cleanliness, air pollution, water contamination, lawlessness, crimes against women and children, law and order etc. He said that the MCD workers, including Corona Warriors, had to resort to strikes and dharnas many times, to get their wages.

Ch. Anil Kumar said that  the BJP leaders and  Mayors of the BJP-ruled MCDs accuse  the Arvind Government of not giving them their share of funds based on the  recommendations of the Fifth Finance Commission, while the Arvind Government alleges that corruption has become all-pervading in the MCDs so much so that they have become like a virtual bottom-less pit in fund misuse. He said that in these blame-games, citizens of Delhi have suffered the worst, and  are waiting for a chance to elect Congress back to power in the Municipal Corporations.


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