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People of Delhi are being made to pay a heavy price for the recklessness and inaction by the Arvind Government in Covid management as the national Capital has become the worst Covid-affected city in the world—Ch. Anil Kumar.

Delhi Congress has been demanding that daily tests should be ramped up to one lakh per day as early as May, 2020, which the Arvind Government did not heed, and now the time has come for testing to be hiked to 2 lakh per day, mostly RT-PCR testing—Ch. Anil Kumar. 

Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee President Ch. Anil Kumar said that if the Arvind Government had heeded to the Delhi Congress suggestion that testing should be ramped up to one lakh per day as early as 11 May, 2020, with the maximum testing through the gold standard RT-PCR instead of antigen tests, then the Covid-19 pandemic crisis would not have reached such an alarming stage, when Delhi has become the worst Covid-affected city in the world.

He said that after 14 November 2020 the Delhi Government had reduced Covid testing by 40 per cent, and the people of Delhi are paying a heavy price for the arbitrary methods and inefficiency of the Arvind Government. He said that the Delhi Government has totally failed not only in checking the Covid spread, but also in pollution control, and a deadly cocktail of these two are taking a heavy toll of people’s lives and health in the Capital.  

Addressing a press conference at the DPCC office, Rajiv Bhawan here today, Ch. Anil Kumar said that four people are dying every hour in Delhi, and in November alone up to now, 1200 people had died of Covid, with the total tally jumping to 7,713 deaths. He said that between 1 and 16 November 2020 there has been a 63 per cent increase in the Covid death rate, which could have been easily prevented had the Arvind Government listened to well-meaning suggestions and advise by the Delhi Congress, instead of acting in a hasty and whimsical manner. He said that according to Local Circle survey, out of 10 households, seven have people with various diseases, as the Covid situation and pollution have become very dangerous. 

Ch. Anil Kumar said that Chief Minister Arvind should come out of his petty political mindset to address the Covid crisis on a war footing to save the lives and health of the people, who are being made to pay a heavy price for the unplanned and unprepared Covid-19 lock and unlock process, which had not only ruined the health, but also the wealth of the people of Delhi.

Ch. Anil Kumar said that the Chief Minister and his Health Minister Satyender Jain were not on the same page as far as their understanding of the intensity of the Covid spread is concerned. While the CM says that he has sent a proposal to the Union Home Ministry for a limited lockdown, his Health Minister had said yesterday that there will be no lockdown.

The Health Minister had said on 16th November that the third wave of the Covid pandemic in Delhi had ended but he made an about-turn today, saying that the “wave has not ended, but only the peak period”, but on 13th November, a Delhi Government order quoted experts’ view that the “peak will come either in the last week of November or in the first week of December”, which proves that the Delhi Government does not have any future plans in place as to how to address the Covid crisis.

Ch. Anil Kumar suggested that the Arvind Government should make immediate arrangement to increase testing to two lakh per day, mostly RT-PCR, and the testing fee should be reduced from the present Rs 2400 to an affordable level by the common people.

He said that Covid-19 pandemic guidelines like social distancing, wearing of masks should be strictly implemented in public transport and public places, and if need be, school buses should be pressed into service as public transport. He said that the number of ICU beds should be increased in every hospital, instead of concentrating 250 ICU beds in one hospital, so as to cover every area now that the pandemic is making a fast spread across the Capital. 

  • Chhat Pooja should be allowed by adhering to the Covid-19 guidelines—Ch. Anil Kumar

Ch. Anil Kumar also demanded that the Arvind Government should allow people from the Poorvanchal region to conduct their Chhat Pooja festival by strictly adhering to the Covid-19 protocol and guidelines. He said that the religious sentiments of Poorvanchalis would be gravely hurt if they were prevented from holding the Chhat Pooja at public places and Chhat Ghats. He said that a majority of households do not have enough space to hold Chhat Poojas at home and if relaxations could be allowed in religious places and shopping centres,  there was no reason why the Poorvanchalis should be prevented from holding Chhat Poojas at designated Chhat Ghats.


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