BJP national president JP Nadda at the book launch event- Photo/ANI

New Delhi |17 September, 2020 by ANI

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi ushered in his 70 th birthday on Thursday, BJP celebrated through several events including a ‘Seva Saptah’ from September 14-20.

The party’s national President Jagat Prakash Nadda said, “The best way to celebrate Modi ji’s birthday is to serve those who are poor, deprived and exploited. As we are celebrating the ‘Sewa Saptah’, many ‘Sewa’ works are being undertaken throughout the country.”

He further said: “Politics and fighting elections are the work of political parties. However, Modi ji not only changed the culture of India but also of the party. Today, we are not only doing politics but also undertaking ‘sewa’ works.”

The BJP party chief also released a book titled “Lord of the Records” at BJP headquarters, to mark the day.

Source ANI

Speaking at the occasion Nadda said the party will take the book to all its workers, and hoped that it will help in strengthening their arguments about the works that the party did while in power.’

He also wished the Prime Minister a long life and said that Modi had made a place in the hearts of crores of countrymen through his hard work and determination.

“I am lucky to get the opportunity to work with him. Modi Ji has given the country a boost. Everyone feels safe today because of him and sees him as a source of strength while moving forward,” he said.

He later recounted various initiatives of the BJP government in the Centre and said the Prime Minister believes the Country is ready to move forward, and Ministers should have the confidence to work for it.

The book is written by Dr Harish Chandra Burnwal. (ANI). The book is now available on amazon