NEW DELHI, April 12, 2022—Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee president Ch. Anil Kumar said that Delhi Education Minister Manish Sisodia has been blaming UP and Gujarat schools for various lapses without admitting the pitiable condition of Delhi Government schools, as some class rooms have been given a fresh coat of paint at exorbitant costs, to keep it as a showpiece to take visiting VIPs around. He said that shockingly, the Delhi Government has quietly approved the  fee hike by private schools, as the Delhi Government does not have the courage to lock horns with private school managements. 

Ch. Anil Kumar demanded that the Arvind Government immediately stop the fee hike by the private schools as parents are not in a position to afford high fees after the Covid-19 pandemic had worsened their financial plight, due to job losses and losses in businesses. He said that after the Covid-19 devastation, over 2.50 lakh students were forced to pull out of private schools and join Government schools as their parents could not afford the fees of private schools.

 Ch. Anil Kumar said that the so-called ‘Delhi Model of Education’ being touted by Chief Minister Arvind and his deputy Sisodia was a fake, non-existent model to fool people in other States, who are not familiar with the ground reality of Delhi Government schools.

Ch. Anil Kumar said that due to the searing heat wave conditions now sweeping Delhi, the Delhi Government should declare holiday for children in the nursery and primary sections till the heat wave conditions subside, lest children will fall ill.

Ch. Anil Kumar said that it was shocking to understand that most schools are not able to put their own buses on roads due to the road tax tussle with the Transport Department of the Delhi, which has been demanding road tax for school buses even for the Covid-19 pandemic lockout periods in 2020 and 2021, and with the DTC having stopped providing buses to schools to transport children in the morning and afternoon hours, parents are in a dilemma as most of them are not in a position to hire private vehicles due to exorbitant rates, and as a result, parents have to skip their offices and businesses to drop children to schools.

Ch. Anil Kumar said that Delhi was well-known for its top-most private schools and quality education in private schools which was transformed when Congress was in power in Delhi for 15 years. He said that the eight year rule of the Arvind Government not only brought down the pass percentage of Government schools in Board exams, but even poor children started dropping out of Government schools due to poor standard of education and infrastructure.